Starting a botanic garden in a third world country - Samoa

I am new to this forum, but I’ve been wanting to start the first botanic garden in Samoa for the longest time, but have never figured out how to get financing, etc. But, I recently found out that I can use my own relatives back in Samoa to get things going by collecting all the different flowers and plants used by our ancestors for medicine, etc. I’ve sent him some money to construct a fence for him to plant the plants he has collected without the pigs digging them up. I’ve also asked him to select a parcel of his own land to start this botanic garden, I’ve sent him a design of how I’d like the garden to look, etc. and I’ve even offered to pay a professional landscaper to come with me so he can actually physically put the design into reality. With him starting this on his own land, he can actually make this something that can provide for him and his family if we figure things out right. I will go to Samoa in February, 2021 and see if I can connect with the agricultural college in Samoa to see how they can help. I was also going to involve the high school in this village to involve the students in this garden and perhaps make it as an outdoor classroom. Will you please, as professionals in this field, help me on what else I need to do to get this botanic garden going???

Dear Lusila

BGCI offers a fantastic resource that will be useful to you:

I hope you make your dream true!


Thank you so much! That was very helpful and quite a bit of information.


Great idea Lusila. I would suggest you get in touch also with the Samoa Conservation Society; they are involved in the development of Vailima Botanic Garden, a beautiful site just a few miles away from Apia!

I had talked to the owners of that Robert Louis Stevenson botanic gardens, who live here in Utah, and they tell me, they barely have enough money to run their museum and gardens. I did ask the PM of Samoa about help also and he said our government had a botanic garden that they spent $20,000,000 and when I went to look at it, it was nothing! I think they spent $50,000 on it and ran off with the rest and it was nothing of a garden that I have in mind. So, Samoa is not a good resource for me and what I intend and want to do.

But, thanks for thinking about me and my project.