Software solution for Live Collections

Hi everyone!
I Would like to know what software solution your botanical garden is using to manage the live collection. Can you help me with this, please? Thanks in advance.

We are using our own software based on Microsoft Access as our primary database system.
From this we automatically create information necessary to update our online database as well as a whole lot of Excel listings with build-in programmes so as to be able to work from home and to integrate later the information worked on. The same goes for Autocad where we are working with our own software in order to connect and exchange information with our main database system.

We use Iris:

We at the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan also use IrisBg for our collections management, it’s a complete collection management system designed especially for botanic gardens. I would recommend it, but you can try out their 60 days free trial to decide on yourself.
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dear sir ,
do u have software for botanical garden can u share with us .


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Hi Eduardo,

We are looking into Bauble and ghini software that Belize Botanic Gardens use: Check it out.


We have created a geographic information system “Tracking the collection fund” based on ArcMap 9.2. Guids and vector layers are stored in the MS Access database. The tools allow you to edit the content and format reports and statements in MS Excel. We are interested in what tasks and how other api solve.