Is nature recovering?

Hi colleagues,

my authorities are asking this: do you see changes in your Garden because of the quarantine and the lack of visitors?

The Garden in Buenos Aires has been closed since mid March. The basic maintenance is done, though. More than that, part of the staff takes turns to work on the propagation area taking care of the plants.

So far, we haven`t seen any changes in frecuency of birds and other animals. May be ants feel more free.

But our Garden is extremely urban! The great change is in air quality.

I’m passing the question to you: have you noticed nature recovering symptoms that could be assessed as a result of the quarantine?

Your opinions will help me a lot! Thank you and be safe!



This is Mohammad Shahbaz from RBG Jordan,
To help you Graciela, our botanic garden location is out of town in the rural area north of Amman. About 170 hectare. Because Jordan is under total curfew due to the COVID19, it is difficult to assess the site, we have got special exemption permits for our technical staff to access the site now. in a weeks time I will be able to hint on what is going on.
Please send me an other reminder later to give a sensible feedback.

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Thanks Mohammad! I know it is not easy to make assesments at these difficult times. You’ll probably see some changes in your Garden, since it is outside the city.
It will be very interesting to see what each garden shows after the pandemia.
Best from Buenos Aires,

The Cadereyta Regional Botanical Garden (Mexico) is a small garden located in a municipality of the state of Queretaro, with few inhabitants (about 20,000).

Over time an inventory of birds has been made, accounting for about 120 species, resident and migratory. The noise, these days, has been significantly reduced (less than 50-60 db), making the presence of birds more evident; many of which are in their reproductive season.
Sighting of some ratlesnakes have also been increased.

On the other hand, the plant collection and greenhouse facilities are served at the level of the essentials, which could also lead to a higher incidence of pest and diseases.

I hope this observations are somehow useful. We send you all a deep desire for well-being.

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Gracias Emiliano!
Your observations are very welcome.
Keep safe !