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Conservation Assessments

Share your expertise or ask questions to the community on conservation assessments, including global IUCN Red List assessments, national Red List initiatives, and other threat assessments.

BGCI Webinar Series

Here you can continue the conversation generated on our BGCI Webinar Series. Ask the Webinar host any further questions and discuss with the community.

Virtual Technical Talk by RSAJB

The Red Sudamericana de Jardines Botánicos (RSAJB) would like to invite you to a series of virtual talks introducing you to experts in the different aspects of the role and technical management of botanic gardens in the Latin American region.


BGCI understands the difficulties that the recent global pandemic, COVID-19, will cause our community. This discussion aims to help our community learn from each other and move forward quickly through this difficult time.

Botanic Garden Conceptualisation and Design

Start a conversation here on competences related to the early stages of botanic garden development from idea to realisation, including rationale and concept formulation, feasibility study, design, master plan preparation and construction, as well as strategic and technical review of existing institutions seeking to embark on a future strategic plan.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens Network

Use this space to discuss topic specific to the Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens Network